Another week gone...

It is my second week here in UM. I am try my level best to cope with the new surroundings and teaching and learning styles.... I have been surviving so far, and am sure I will get the hang of it.

My second lecture was smooth sailing… we got two books; one is teaching English in the primary classroom and another is preparing and using visual aids for English language teaching.. we started the class by filling in a form about ourselves and continued with chapter one from the first book mentioned. We had to group ourselves and then we were told to read page 8 (my group). It is a easy task. Then the big task came; we had to do a portfolio. My group is doing portfolio on internet skills. Honestly, I was lost for a moment or two till I was enlightened by the lecture. We were then got into our groups and started copying all the previous portfolios done by our seniors which will be our guide to certain extend. It seems to be a easy job but the truth is it is not. It took us ages to get it done. And thanks to the lecture, Pn. Foziah, she treated us lunch, yummy ‘nasi goring ayam’ (thank you ma’am). Now I have additional work; I know it is part and parcel of life but I justcannot help grumbling about though.

Actually am worried about what is going to happen to me in the future? I am here in UM studying to become an English Language teacher for primary school pupils. My minor is science and it is in English. But now there are changes in the education system. No more teaching of science and mathematics in English starting from 2012.

Oh My GOD!!!! I am worried. I am worried that whatever I am studying now will be a waste of energy, time and effort. But I am aware that I cannot complain as I am under scholarship; like they say ‘beggars cannot be choosers’. I am going to leave it to GOD now. I will keep updating so stay tuned (*_^)

My first Post

I had no idea of what the course was all about; PBEY3102, USING AND DEVELOPING RESOURCES FOR THE ESL CLASSROOM. I was very blur and dazed when I walked into the MK2. I was enlightened by my lecturer. Then only I was aware of what am I getting myself into. This semester we are often using ICT that it actually scares me; being not so good in it. But I will learn and do my best =)

The lecture was started by a short introduction and then we were told to send our particulars to the lecturer’s mail. Next, we created another blog; yes, another blog. I already have a blog of my own and I had to create one for my science course and then another for my technology course and now resources. I it not that I am complaining but I am afraid how I am going to keep up with it all….. I am worried. I am not a very active blogger, I only blog whenever the mood strikes. Now I have to make it a habit to blog every week and at least 3 compulsory blog for my courses. May GOD Bless me =)

I find the new environment different and difficult to follow the flow. It will take time, but am sure I will fit in just fine…. I will keep updating this blog along with the course….. Take care and thanks for reading…. Have a nice day =)


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