Lesson Plan

Next up in the list is lesson plan. Many people have asked me what is lesson plan? Why is it important? lesson plans are actually a kind of manual used by the teacher that is prepared by themselves… it is important because, it is a framework that tell what need to be taught and when it needs to be taught. The lesson plan tells the teacher what to do at which point of the lesson, although it may not be 100% accurate, it is no doubt still the best way to keep the teachers on track.

And so was i to design lesson plans for my future lessons based on this very course, i am to use the resources knowledge that i have gained to design my lessons and see the practicality of carrying it out in classroom. Ma’am made our life easier by making the assignment as a group works. 4 people in a group. I felt more confident as i can discuss and share ideas before designing the lesson plan. Like what Vygotsky has said before, interaction is the best way to learn.

I have to admit that i am poor in time management so u suffered in handling not only this course’s assignments but also other course’s assignments. I find it difficult to juggle all at a time. But thank heavens, i manage to sail through the process…


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