As the semester is at its end, when our very last assignment needs to be submitted, as i am looking through, looking at my blogs, i realized something. OH my, my…. I actually do not have enough blogs….wondered why, i did. and then i noted that i missed a blog in between the sixth week and the seventh. I made the eighth week blog to be the seventh, no wonder i did not have enough. I almost went hunting high and low for it. Isn’t this a common scenario among students? Getting confused, doing crazy things, forgetting events and activities, and many more. Looks like too many books have gotten into me these days. I have been dreading the day to come, to sit for my finals; my very first finals in UM. Phewwww…. That is the exact word that will describe how i felt when i realized which blog i missed and immediately blogged it, and the BiG, PHEWWWW is because, EXAM is over and after submitting the final assignment; the portfolio and the blogs, i will be FREE (atleast for this semester). Honestly, holiday is the main word that keeps me going, it is the one thing that is pushing me to my limits. Making me to hold on and not to slack along the way. It was not easy; definitely not easy, you can ask anyone in my cohort, they will tell you that they had a hard time. They will be lying a big time if they deny it. But the hardship is the one that SHAPES, MOULDS, and SHARPENS us and our abilities and make us stronger.

This week was task setting week and we were divided into groups that will be editing audios. Well, i have never done this but, there’s always a first time for everything and this is my first in audio editing. I came across a number of softwares that can be used to edit audios. Through learning this is realize that doing a rap song is not that hard after all. If you know the rule A-Z and you put in effort and time, you will be able to do it. I did try my very own so-called rap song. I rapped an old tamil song. Am i am very proud of myself for being able to do that. Never did i thought that i will be able to edit audios as i like. I am having a lot of fun with the course. Although for an outsider the course may look a bit awkward and weird and they may even be wondering “what is the use of this course?’ well for me, as a future teacher, it is important that we equip ourselves with all the possible knowledge, pupils nowadays are very smart and it will be a humiliation if the teachers are not capable of answering their questions. With the realization of my role and duty to the nation as a future teacher who have a strong influence on the future generation of the country, the future leaders of the nation, i am resting my thoughts and reflections for the time being. I will be back soon to share more of my thoughts and ideas, till thank mucho gracias and bon voyage. ;-p


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