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Work and more work….. can you name me a course that has no work, no assignment or no exam? I you can name me something that something is not worth being studied. A course which is being tested will make the pupils to study and understand it deeper. It proves that it has value and benefits that we need to master. Same goes to me, as a future teacher in this 21st century, it is not going to be an easy thing, kids nowadays are very smart and advance. So as a future teacher it is vital that i learn and equip myself with all the knowledge and skills that will be handy in my future profession.

A teacher has the vital weapon of changing, moulding, shaping and creating a person, an individual who is competent and fulfills the national philosophy. In order to do that i need my tool, a tecahers’ tool; TEACHING AIDS!!!!!!!!!!....this is the most deadly weapon that can make changes and shape someone. And my next assignment was to do a set of teaching aids that will be useful to us the future teachers in classroom.. we are to do it groups, we had the opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas, all these will come in handy when i am posted and became a full proper teacher. Thank you ma’am for guiding us to do our best. Till i see you all again,, bye………..


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