Making my OWN video...

OH MY GOD!!! That is exactly what i said upon hearing the task set my Pn. Foziah. Make my own video??? But HOW???? That was the main question that was doing a 100metres dash in my head. I have NO experience at all making a clip, a video clip. I admit i love to watch the video clips that are found online in youtube or however, it had never occurred to me that one day, i, THANUSIAA d/o NAGANATHAN would need to do so… nevertheless, a task is a task, i duty is a duty, the task set by ma’am for a future teacher like myself is a duty that must be carried out. so, i paired with Haziq and we brainstormed on what can possibly be our gist of the video.

Ma’am gave us time to discuss in class and told us to see her if at all we have any queries. Well, i at first had difficulties in deciding what will our message be in the video. YES, ma’am emphasized on a clear message-based video that can be used in the primary ESL classroom. There were a wide range of topis/messages that captivated my interest. I was browsing in my mind, mentally telling myself about all the possible choices that i have; love to parent, love towards animals, love toward plants, and many more on love. Conversely, i wanted to do something different, i my motto in life; DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

My original idea was to put all the miseries that are found in the world in my video and ask the viewers to think and ponder ‘how lucky they are, that they are not in such position’.

However, when i consulted ma’am, she said that my idea ws good but the way i planned to develop it is not good. It is too scary and sad. Thus ma’am suggested that i do it on a smaller scale, in a story form. A story about a rich boy who is spoilt brat, neglects his education and wastes food, overall the boy is UNGRATEFUL to things that he has in life. The story revolves when the father of the boy decides to talk to the boy, the father takes the boy for a walk down a village. The villager are very poor and upon seeing the sufferings that they are going through, the boy realized his mistake and turns over a new leaf. That is basically my story for my video. Planning to put it in to action and hopefully it turns out to be good. Wish me LUCK ya friend, Ii will be back soon for more updates. And before I go here are some pictures used in my video.



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