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This week, ma’am came to class and said she will be coming in only 40mins later. She was not feeling well, pity her. The terrible weather and haze made many people fall sick. And with H1N1, things were even worse. Not was she the only one sick, I was also not feeling myself. I am suffering from allergic rhinitis a.k.a sinus. My doctor friend corrected me sometime back. I realized even more these days that I am learning something new each and every week if not days. I am doing things that i have not done or tried before. The evidence is the short video clip that I and my pair, Haziq did for the resources class. So while waiting for ma’am, we uploaded our video into the computer as we were going to watch it together and enjoy the good job done by ourselves. We may come from different background and culture but we, future teachers think alike, anything that we do nowadays has an embedded message, just like the very video clip that we all did. Each and everyone had a message; not any message but meaningful message that are suitable to be used in the teaching and learning of English language in primary classrooms. The creativity and effort was clearly seen by the fantastic video clips made.

We had many interesting and awesome videos, some were on love; love for dad, some were food for thought; do not take life for granted, and some were memories that can never be forgotten; COHORT 4, ONE BAND ONE SOUND….
Weather is it still the same or not does not matter, what matters is that we learnt a lot together and it made each and every single one of us wiser and ready to face the real world as teachers, as citizens, as human. I am proud to say that each piece of video was unique and we had a great time watching it together and laughing and a few of it. We commented on the videos as we were watching them. We shared our point of views and ideas on the message delivered through the video clip. We even had a discussion among ourselves of how to make the clips better and what were the weaknesses and strengths. Ma’am was happy and impressed with our work. She was smiling and nodding; approving our concept n way of presenting our ideas and message. No doubt, ma’am was helping us since the beginning; from the storyline, the storyboard, and others. She taught me how to edit a video and even to make my very own video. Never have i thought that i will be able to make my very own video. But thanks to ma’am, i did n i will in the future for my lessons. I am going to stop here for this time and will be back again, updating my progress in this course.


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