my last words before it really ends....

What do you like about blogging?
personally, i am not a person who like to keep a diary, so i was not interested in blogging that much, but i do write some poems or scribble something here and there. Too bad that i have gotten monkey hands, it just won’t stay still very long. And my best friends introduced me to the blogging world which i was a bit active be fore this, however, due to exam, stress and university life, i do not blog that often anymore. I like blogging because, it allows me room for me to pour out my feeling. I can also share knowledge, opinions, ideas and many more with people from all corners of the world. Blogging makes me feel less stresses as i am pouring out my feelings and i enjoy blogging.

2. What you do not like about blogging?
i dislike the fact that i can become addicted to blogging and some people who i do not like can read my blogs. I also dislike being grammartically judged in blogs, blogs are mainly to share ideas and knowledge, not to pin point on each other’s weaknesses.

3. What have you gained from blogging eg. Language skills, improved fluency, critical thinking, improved thought processes, technology skills etc.
honestly, i improved my typing skills, i can now type faster than before. My language has improved as i will always check and make sure that the grammar and other language rules are not offended. I learnt to think critically before jumping into the wrong conclusion.

4. How?
i weigh the pros and cons and then think carefully, i rationalize the scenario before arriving to any conclusion.

5. What do you like about this course?
The exploitation done on the resources. I like the fact that i am taught and allowed the freedom to do so.

6. What you do not like about this course?
Some complicated softwares must be taught in a more understandable manner.

7. What have you learnt from this course?
i have learnt a lot, photo editing, audio editing, video editing, how to use softwares like FxPhoto, Photoscape, Adobe and many more

8. What have you learnt from this course that you did not expect to?
i did not expect to be doing my own creations like my own video. I am so proud of myself for that.

9. What have u expected but do not learn from this course?
i was expecting to learn how to use technology to the maximum.

10. If you can change anything about this course, state what is and elaborate?
i want to change the way the instructions are given. Giving pupils a manual which has all the explainations of the softwares learnt and used in the course.

11. On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate your computing and technological skills for both before and after undergoing the course.

with that my semester in UM officially ends....


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